Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Moving on...

Wow, it has been a while, huh?  One thing that you can be sure of is that even if I am quiet here on the blog, God is still moving and working in my heart and life.  Sometimes the silence means that He is working so much, I can't express it in words.  Which for me, is something.  
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So, what has God been teaching/working in me?  So much of the wonderful (and yes, difficult) stuff in this blog is relational. This is no different.  I am discovering that I am ready for another romantic relationship.  It has been a journey. The details aren't important at this point.  The important thing is that I am discovering so much about myself, and about God and the reality of how He has changed me, and is changing me.  I love the promise that God makes, that He will be faithful to continue the work that He has begun in us.

So, remember all those posts that talked about how God was teaching me how to set healthy boundaries?  I now know that His work was true, and I am able to set healthy boundaries and to hold firm under pressure to do something that I am not comfortable with, or be someone that I am not.  I can be graceful and kind, but firm.  I feel brave, and hopeful.  I can say hello, good-bye, and even hello again to someone new.

I know more about who I am as a life partner, and what I want.  I have been and am being challenged to trust, to open myself up, to reach out.  And I am grateful to God's lessons on boundaries, because knowing where I end and someone else begins creates safety in relationships, for both of us.  I know what I am responsible for, and what I am not.  I am learning patience, and peace.  I am learning that it is okay to not always know what to do, and it is okay to wait until God makes it clear.

And I am learning that I will always be learning.

I like it.
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