Thursday, April 23, 2009

Birds of Prey

Yesterday I was at the computer desk, and I looked out the window and saw 3 huge birds of prey (I'm not sure if they were hawks or falcons...) circling over the field and the house. My first thought was that the chickens were out, and easy targets. Frankly, even Frodo the cat could get snatched by these guys. I ran downstairs and outside, but I didn't see the chickens anywhere. Then I heard them, that soft, moaning noise they make when they aren't scolding, squawking or crowing. They were hiding under the lilac bush. Apparently they saw the birds of prey, too. I ushered them into the chicken house, which wasn't hard because as long as I have a bag full of stale bread in my pocket (which is always these days) I am the pied piper of chickens. But the banty, Yente, was missing. She is so small, I was sure that she was hawk bait. I did eventually find her behind the chicken house doing her own thing, which isn't wise when one is itty bitty and being stalked by a fell beast of the sky (oops, a little Lord of the Rings slipped in there).

I got her inside, then the rooster escaped and I got him inside while Golde the hen slipped past me and then I got HER inside and closed the door, scooped up the cat and called the dog (one never knows - these birds were HUGE) and headed inside. Of course, just seeing me outside deterred the birds, and I was greatly relieved.

Usually I love seeing the birds of prey. I would stand on the lawn and look up at them in awe. Now, I plant myself in the yard after herding all my vulnerable feathered friends to safety, wave my broom at the air and holler "Bring it on, flyboy!!! Just bring it on!!"

My, how things change.

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