Saturday, January 9, 2010

But, it's fun!

So, there was an email that arrived in the in-boxes of Facebook women all over the world, inviting them to post the color of their bras in their Facebook statuses in a lighthearted effort to raise awareness of breast cancer and the need for regular mammograms. Part of the fun was that the men in our lives wouldn't know what the one word color status updates meant, which could lead to a bit of confusion, questions, and just simple silliness. I noticed the colors in the inboxes of my friends, and once some kind soul clued me in, I happily entered into the fun.

Then came the voices of reason. I love voices of reason. The voices of reason in my life make sure that I make it to doctor's appointments, pay my bills, and deal judiciously with the important things of life. The voices of reason wanted to know what good it would do to update my status with my bra color. They suggested that donating financially to cancer research might be more helpful. They discussed issues of privacy and decorum, and wondered at the wisdom of going along with the crowd. There was talk of conformity, usefulness and something about lemmings and cliffs.

I appreciate voices of reason, and I do see their points. So I nod thoughtfully and feel a little silly for falling into the bra color thing so easily. But I have to admit...I'd do it again. Because it was fun. I like to think that I am as socially conscious as the next person, and it is my greatest wish that as I live my life I would be able to make a positive impact on the world around me. My social consciousness is rooted in my faith, and my love of people. I enjoy people. I have known people who have suffered and died from cancer, and have had a few scares myself (during which I discovered the loveliness of the word "benign"). And I still think the bra thing is funny. I like funny. The voices of reason in my life remind me that some things are important and needful and serious. But not everything.

Last summer, my daughter came home from a school trip to N.Y city wearing large, black-framed, Buddy Holly glasses. She has 20/20 vision. She found the glasses at a kiosk in N.Y.C and couldn't resist. She has wanted to wear funky glasses since she was little and pitched a fit at the optometrist's office because I was getting new glasses and it was the height of injustice that she couldn't have a pair. She wore them to school, to parties, to the grocery store. So very silly. I was thrilled. Her close friend has a red pair, and together they are an absolute picture of adorableness. Children don't have to learn to enjoy the funny and silly and pointless aspects of life. It is sad that as they grow up and begin to discover that life carries pain as well as joy, they are tempted to give up their love of the ridiculous.

I am glad that when my daughter has to look out onto a world that sometimes hurts and overwhelms her, she'll be doing it from behind a pair of completely useless and foolish Buddy Holly glasses. And her momma will be doing it wearing a...wait..let me bra.


Babetta said...

I too received the notification to post my bra color in my status. I did so without hesitation. It was fun. I felt like a kid again. I think we should be conscious but not so uptight. I honestly could find nothing wrong with doing it.

Kelly said...

Thanks, Babetta. It really was fun, wasn't it? :)

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