Friday, May 27, 2011

More thoughts on bullying...

This is just a short one.

When we walk away from the angry, hate-filled words of an aggressor, we are leaving them alone with their hate. They will be in pain, because hate hurts it's carrier. We will be blamed for the pain. It is as if they are banging their head against the wall and cursing us for causing their pain. The pain of hatred and rage belong to the one who hates. As we walk away, we need to let it all go and walk away free. Feel sorrow for the one allowing themselves to be in such pain, if you can, but do not own what you cannot control.

We must not for one moment allow ourselves to think that by banging our heads on the wall beside the one who hates, we will in any way relieve their pain. We will just increase our own.

Walk away. Walk free.

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