Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mothers & Daughters

Tomorrow is Mother's Day.  It has been almost 18 years since I first became a mother.  It has been seven months since my mother died.  I have been incredibly blessed to be my daughter's mother, and to be my mother's daughter.  

I wanted to write some thing special, a poignant tribute to my mom, an ode of joy at being Grace's mom, but I feel strangely wordless.  

As a writer, life happens to me in words.  I joke about there being, within me, a mini-me hunched over a typewriter transcribing my life as I live it. 

This week-end, though, is so full of memories,
thoughts and feelings, and all I really want to do is remember, think and feel them.  My inner secretary is taking a break. So...

Happy Mother's Day, Mum.  Thank you for all that you have been and done for me.  Thank you for allowing me to see your mother's heart for me before you died.  When your life was ending, your thoughts were on us, your children. Our children.  I felt so cared for, so mothered.  I miss you, and I love you.

I also want to thank my beautiful daughter for making me the happiest mom in the world.  Thank you for laughing at my jokes, for listening to me tell the same stories over and over again, for not being too embarrassed of me in class,  for being a faithful, wise, loving disciple of Jesus Christ and for allowing Him to speak and love your world through you.  I am beyond glad to be a part of your world.  I love you, Chika.

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