Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ah...Valentine's Day...

I wanted to write a Valentine's Day post, but to be honest, I am so full of thoughts and feelings about being loved and loving others, I really can't figure out how to put it all into words that would make sense to others.

So...last year, I was all, "I'm going to spend Valentine's Day pouring love out into my world and focusing on others!" and I did, and it was lovely.  I was reminded once more of how deeply I am loved, and how much I love the people around me.  I wrote about it here.

Last week, I was in a craft store with a couple of friends, frowning at all the red and pink stuffies and paper hearts, and cursing it all to hell.  Partly for comedic effect (I did, after all, have an audience) but partly because this year, I was dreading Valentine's day.

Now, one would think that, having cursed all things love related, I could expect at least a rebuke from God. Perhaps a lightening bolt.  A smack upside the head.  Something to express His deep disappointment at my moral failure.  Instead, I have been loved. Abundantly. Extravagantly. Intimately. Sweetly.  And constantly.

I have received gifts of love and appreciation.  I have been encouraged with kind and uplifting thoughts.  I have been, how I have been hugged, by sweet children and smiling friends that I haven't seen in a while and my precious goes on and on.  I have had concerned friends ask me how I am and push past the "I'm fine."  I have been listened to, respected, care for. I have felt compassion and care and love from so many different places.

What is all comes down to is this.  God heard my words in that craft store.  But more importantly, He heard my heart.  I follow a God that looks past my exterior to the truth that is inside me.  And He saw a need that He met, so abundantly that it is impossible not to see Him in every expression of love.  I'm still trying to figure out my need, to understand.  But God knows. And provides.

I do love all my friends and family so much.  I could not be without you, not for just what you contribute to my life, but for who you are.  I truly feel today as if I am most blessed of women, surrounded by so much love and kindness and wisdom.  In my heart, you are treasures. I may not always express it well, or at all, but it is important to me that you know, dear loved ones, that you are important to me and I love you.

You rock. Like, seriously.

Peace out.

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