Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Way of the Cross, The Way of the Resurrection

Often, we want our trust in God to lead to safety and prosperity for us, not glory for God. And we struggle to trust Him, because we quickly come to the realization that our comfort is not His primary concern. 

Oh, we speak brave words about sacrifice and suffering leading to growth and a deeper reliance on God. But when we obey Him, and the path that He leads us on ends in suffering, we turn 
to Him and frown, and wonder if He is really who He says He is. And if we see others walking a path that leads to pain, we shake our heads, sure that they cannot be walking in obedience to God. Because we want to be safe. Above all. Despite the worship songs, despite the judicial posting of Bible verses on Facebook, despite our declarations of devotion, we want to be safe.

Yes, God is glorified in the healing of a broken heart...but wouldn't it be better if no hearts were broken? If no one loved fully, devotedly, passionately? If no risks were taken, if no promises were offered, if love was held back and boxed for safety? Do we so quickly forget Jesus, on the cross, loving us fully, devotedly, passionately? Do we forget the risk He took, the promise He offered, the love that He refused to hold back, but poured on us in a tsunami of passion and wonder?

When God heals a broken heart, He leaves it filled with Himself, filled with His love, filled with courage and hope. A heart that has never been broken has never felt the wonder of the touch of God. We who profess devotion to a once broken Lord are not free to refuse to be broken...and healed. There is no love in fear. We are the brave ones, the adventurous ones, the foolish ones...the deeply loved and passionately loving ones. It is the way of the Cross, and glory of glories, the way of the Resurrection.

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