Friday, May 1, 2009

A Moment

Yesterday I was sitting in a lounge lawn chair in the sun, enjoying the beautiful, warm Spring day. I heard a soft, rhythmic, trilling noise coming from under my chair. When I checked, I saw all three hens sitting side by side with their heads under their wings, asleep. One of them was doing what I assume is the equivalent of chicken snoring; little, fluttery chicken noises with each deep breath. It was precious. Tevye, the rooster, was pacing diligently around the chair, keeping watch over his girlies. He is a wonderful and dedicated protector of his little flock.

As I sat in the sun, listening to the sound of utter relaxation coming from below me, I couldn't help but recognize what a Moment it was. Life is full of moments, but not all of them are Moments. Moments always make me wish that I could take a snapshot of them, capturing not just the visual aspects, but the sounds, smells, textures and emotions. I think that's why I write. That's what story-telling is about, in all it's many forms. People compose music, paint pictures, photo images, write poetry and prose, all in an effort to share the Moments.

One thing I am very grateful for is having someone in my life who understands the Moments that turn me on. To be able to share these things with my husband, Marc, in breathless amazement and barely suppressed laughter, and to know that his face will light up, that he will laugh with me, that he will sincerely and achingly wish he had "been there" ~ this is a great and holy gift.

No matter how many times Frodo, my cat, falls asleep in my arms and I say "Look, Marc, doesn't he look just like a baby it his Momma's arms?", Marc always looks, his face always softens, and he always smiles and says, "Yes, he does. He's so cute." Shared Moments. I love them!

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