Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Springsteen/E-Street Band Adventure

It has been said that a journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step. Our journey to Toronto to see Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band began the night before the concert. We stood on our lane way outside the house. My husband, Marc had just returned home, and he came bearing gifts. My daughter, Gracie and I waited in anticipation as he lifted the first of two cages out of the back of his car, each cage holding two hens. We were adding the four new arrivals to our small flock of three hens and one rooster. Our friend, Karen was with us. Karen was going to be watching our little brood, dog and cat included, while we were away. Another friend, Cathy, was also present for the occasion.

I’m not sure why, in my mind, this scene signifies the beginning of the Springsteen adventure, but it does. We stood and chatted as the evening cooled under the setting sun, admiring the hens while the chickens we already had flocked around the cage curiously, the rooster strutting and crowing and just generally displaying his considerable prowess and confidence that he could easily handle 4 more girlies, if we would be so kind as to let him at them.

I was exhausted. I had struggled all day with a painful flare of a chronic bladder disease (interstitial cystitis). I had tried during the week to take it easy, knowing that too much stress or activity could trigger a flare. But there had been so much to do, and the sheer excitement of going to the concert almost guaranteed that a flare would ensue. I had been a Springsteen fan since the mid ‘80s, and had never been to a concert. My 14 year old daughter bought me a compilation CD for Christmas, and ended up falling in love with Springsteen’s music as well. She quickly surpassed me in the fandom department, and was wildly excited herself. I dreaded the thought of being haunted by the pain of the IC, knowing it would mean frequent stops at rest rooms on the way to Toronto, and possibly missing parts of the concert, as well. I felt as if IC was like a leash attached to a collar around my neck that kept yanking me roughly backwards and onto my bottom every time I started to move forward, to really enjoy myself. In my frustrated efforts tear the IC leash from my neck, I was succeeding only in choking myself and making myself miserable. I had called my husband at work, in tears of discouragement, just needing a strong voice to steady me. A call from a fellow IC sufferer and a chance to talk about what I was going through and how I felt also helped tremendously. By the time I ended up on the lane in front of the house looking at our new chickens, I felt calmer, more comfortable physically and much more relaxed.

Gracie and I fell asleep that night with visions of the E-Street Band in our heads. Marc, not being a fan, was our chauffeur and support. My heart was full – I was excited about the concert, glad to be attending with my daughter (who actually suggested that we dress alike!), and overwhelmingly grateful to my husband for his willingness, even eagerness, to take us to Toronto and give us this wonderful gift. It was not the first time I have drifted off to sleep with a heart attitude of gratitude in prayer to God for my husband, and I know it won’t be the last. It was a good way to end what had been a difficult day. Tomorrow, on to Toronto!!!

To be cont’d….


johnnyacousticuk said...

Hi Kelly wondered did you evr continue this wonderful story. I was looking up some Nils Lofgren stuff on Youtube and saw him do a brilliant guitar solo on last years bruce tour. He did a flip on stage. Did he do this when you were there. I love his song Man in the moon and have learnt it to do in my solo set. There is a great acoustic version of Fire with bruce and nils on youtube as well.

Kelly said...

Thanks, John. I sent you part 2 & 3..hope you enjoy them. Let me know if they don't show up in your inbox. I don't remember any flips (and I'm pretty sure I would), but I'll have to check out the Youtube vids. It was a blast. :)

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