Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The true disciple of Jesus Christ has no desire to think of herself as better than she is. After all, she trusts that she is passionately loved by the God of the entire Universe, One whom has intimate knowledge not just of her present dark thoughts and deeds, but of every dark thought and deed that has ever been hers. To know this, to truly believe this, is to take the deep breath of the divinely relaxed, the eternally accepted, the joyfully released. She sees her darkness, ponders it thoughtfully and with sorrow, and lets it go. There is, after all, no more room in this God-filled life. Light has replaced darkness. Love has displaced hate, or worse, apathy. Life has ushered out death. Hope has detoured despair. God's will has replaced self-will. Joy sings as mourning slips out the back door. Acceptance dances while rejection stumbles away. And above all, Truth reigns.

The true disciple of Jesus Christ sees herself as she truly is, without excuse or possibility of freedom but for the terrible sacrifice of her Lord. This translates, in her heart and life, into an unerring love and mercy for others on the grounds of her astounded, overwhelmed, amazed and sweet gratitude.

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