Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Love finds her joy in seeing other's crowned..."

I read this passage in a simple little devotional called My Daily Meditation by John Henry Jowett. I love it because it presents such a clear picture of the love of God, and how He expects it to be expressed in our daily lives. It is too easy to say, "I love so-and-so" while still speaking of them unlovingly and treating them with rudeness and disdain. Love is clearly defined in Scripture, and we are given standards by which to measure ourselves against, standards that transcend our words and exalted opinions of ourselves. This particular passage of My Daily Meditation is taken from April 20th, and is based on Romans 12:9 - 18. It challenged me in deep and welcoming ways. I know that I fall below the standard presented here, but I am filled with joy at the wonderful personal relationship that I have with God through Jesus Christ, and the miracle of His renewing of my mind through my heart devotion to Him, and Him alone.

"Love finds her joy in seeing others crowned. Envy darkens when she sees the garland given to another. Jealousy has no festival except when she is 'Queen of the May.' But love thrills to another's exaltation. She feels the glow of another's triumph. When another basks in favour her own 'time of singing of birds is come!'

And all this is because love has wonderful chords which vibrate to the secret things in the souls of others. Indeed , the gift of love is just the gift of delicate correspondence, the power of exquisite fellow-feeling, the ability to 'rejoice with them that do rejoice, and to weep with them that weep.' When, therefore, the soul of another is exultant, and the wedding-bells are ringing, love's kindred bells ring a merry peal. When the soul of another is depressed, and a funeral dirge is wailing, love's kindred chords wail in sad communion. So love can enter another's state as though it were her own.

Our master spake condemningly of those who have lost this exquisite gift. They have lost their power of response. 'We have piped with you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned with you and ye have not lamented.' They lived in selfish and loveless isolation. They have lost all power of tender communion."

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