Monday, August 8, 2011

I finally bit the bullet....yowie!

I went this morning to pick up the medication for my bladder instillation, and then took them to the CLSC to have the treatment done. I have two things to say.

Firstly, wow.

Secondly, OUCH!

Wow, because the CLSC nurse, Rachel, who did the treatment was awesome. She never mentioned teaching me to do it myself, and I certainly wasn't going to bring it up. She says there is another patient who has IC, and is having the treatment as well. Rachel seemed pretty knowledgeable about IC, and was tremendously sympathetic and compassionate. We had a great talk about dealing with chronic pain. She said she spent some time studying chronic pain at University, and it shows in her attitude and the way she dealt with me. I asked if she would be the one to do my next treatment, and she said that if I wanted her to do all my treatments, she would be glad to do it. I felt so taken care of, which is important. The fragile feeling that chronic pain sufferers feel makes it difficult to deal with these kinds of things, and feeling that they will be understood and cared for is so important.

Ouch, because it hurt. Seriously. Thankfully, it was over quickly, but now I have to hold this stuff in my bladder for up to an hour. Unfortunately, I wanted to pee seconds after the treatment was over. It's going to be a long hour. I am actually writing this now to keep my mind off of my screaming bladder. The treatment, while quick, was painful enough that I had to stop talking (now that's pain!), broke out into a cold sweat and felt a bit nauseous. At this point, even the bottom of my feet are twinging. Yikes.

Gracie came with me and sat in the waiting room, praying. What a gift she is. You know, people can tolerate a lot more pain and suffering when there are loving, supportive people around. Even though I can barely sit still here, I am so grateful to God for being there, for strengthening me, for provided a health care worker who was caring, supportive and efficient, and for providing Grace, who is now busy making me lunch because I can't decide whether it hurts more to stand up, walk around or sit here.

So...I've got 15 minutes to go. That's not too long...right? Right?


Oh look...6 minutes to go. Yay!


Jacky said...

Well done Kelly. I knew you could do it 1,,,hugs....

Kelly said...

Thank you, Jacky.


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