Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thank you for being a friend...

When Jean-Luc met Clarence, it was love at first sight. Never mind that Clarence belonged to Grace. Never mind that he was bought at FAO Shwartz in New York City, that he was the most expensive stuffed toy that she owned, and that he was named after Clarence Clemmons, the legendary saxophone player for Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band. Jean-Luc didn't even care that Clarence Clemmons had recently passed away after suffering a massive stroke, leaving Grace and I mournfully listening to Clemmon's sax solos on Youtube and waxing nostalgic about the Springsteen concert in T.O that we attended several years ago.

None of that mattered. Love is love. So Grace gave Clarence to Jean-Luc.

Besides, we're both pretty sure that Clarence Clemmons would have approved.


Jacky said...

Hmmm ! Friends ????

Kelly said...

I know, eh? I've had to stop playing with him, as he is getting too rough and my right hand and arm are beginning to look shredded. But having watched the Farty boys grow up together, I have concluded that kitten friendships consist of alternately trying to rip each others' faces off and sleeping wrapped in each others' arms after having thoroughly cleaned each other. Sweet. But scary. ;)

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