Saturday, January 28, 2012


You know, when I think about it, it seems so unreal that in just a few months after having to leave my home with nothing but our personal stuff and a pile of books, God has provided Grace and I with an apartment that we can afford, all the furniture that we need, a fully stocked kitchen, plus lots of room for all those wonderful books.

In the summer, we had a lawnmower to keep our lawn neat and a lovely, prolific little herb garden. In the winter, Mr.O'Connor, the sweet retired man next door uses his little snowblower to clear most of our combined driveway so we only have to shovel around and behind my car. In fact, he does all sorts of nice things for us, like dragging my Christmas tree to the curb for pick up and even bringing our garbage out for us once in a while. When I thank him, he never admits to helping us. I think he just likes to be a blessing. What a gift he is!

We are able to have a cat, Jean-Luc and the five rats for pets. They are happy and healthy, and give us so much pleasure. Our home is comfortable and cozy, and we love living here. When my mother was sick, our apartment was a safe, warm place to come home to. When she died, it was a peaceful place to mourn.

Then, there are the people in our lives. Our lives are filled with so many people now. Some are new and some are reconnections, but all are welcome additions to our lives.

Between school, church, neighbours and new friends, we are enjoying new relationships and experiences. We have Madison, who lives with us now and is such a sweet blessing. Our pastor, Barbara, is kind and caring, encouraging us in our faith and service to the community. Through the college, just a few minutes from our home, I have met some remarkable young people, reconnected with people from my past, been challenged to think about the world differently, to improve my French, and thanks to a certain, passionate young history teacher, to read The Brothers Karamzov by Fyodor Dostoyevski, and this time, to finish it.

God promised me, years ago, that if I would live my life in His service, He would always take care of Grace and I. He has proven Himself faithful. Most importantly, God's constant attention to our needs has given me the freedom to continue loving those who have wounded me, those who seek to build themselves up by tearing me down. God reassures me daily that as long as I choose love, I cannot be torn down. In fact, if I in love pray for those who seek to harm me and my family, not only will we not be torn down, but they may be truly raised up, to healing and to love rather than hate.

Tonight, I am just feeling grateful. In such a short time, we have been given a home of our own, a wonderful community of friends, direction for our lives and hope for the future. Our cup runneth over. Thank You, Lord.

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