Friday, January 11, 2013

A little bit about me...

Interesting (or not) facts about me...

Hiccups irritate me.  I don't mean after a few minutes. Immediately.  One hiccup and I want to punch a wall. When they go on and on...I'm like a crazy person.  And I try all sorts of things, mostly holding my breath which isn't a good idea for a heart patient but neither is exploding in frustration, so I do it anyway.  And I drink water. From the wrong side of the glass. And eat spoons of peanut butter. Or sugar.  And eventually the hiccups go away and I never know exactly why. But really, who cares? As long as they are gone.  Because I hate them.

I once nursed a chicken with a broken back to health again.  The chicken with the sinus infection died.  Go figure.

One of my favorite parts of French cooking is the sauces.  Bearnaise, hollandaise, bechamels, veloute...the thing is, you can do everything right and at the very last minute, kaboom.  Your lovely hollandaise has abandoned you, separating into a curdled gloop.  It is literally extreme cooking.  For adrenaline rushes, sauces are second only to souffles.  But don't get me started on souffles...

I personally do not believe that confusion about lyrics should ever slow a person down when one has an overwhelming...or even kinda-whelming...urge to sing.  Grace can attest to this.  Happens to me a lot.

One spring when we did not have any pets, I made friends with a couple of grass snakes that used to come out in the morning in front of the garage to warm up in the sun.  At least, I thought we were friends.  I think they might have thought I was "alien abducting" them.  I need to have animals in my life.  Seriously.

I watched several seasons of Gene Simmons Family Jewels because I saw one clip of him in a Cpap mask with his son egging him on to do a Darth Vader impression, because when I got my Cpap mask (for sleep apnea) I had a ball freaking Grace out..."Graaaaaaace...I am your faaaaaaaather...gasp...wheeze...."

I believe that accepting  mediocrity in some areas of our lives is a life skill that many of us need to learn.  I mean, sure, striving for excellence is important.  But in no way do I believe that I (or anyone else) can excel in something just because we want to.  For example, I am never going to be a ballet dancer.  Nor is it likely that I will ever excel at bowling.  But I dance.  And I bowl.  Accepting mediocrity means that I can have lots of fun doing these things, even though I suck at them.  I am good at the things that I am good at, and I work  hard to improve my abilities in many areas.  Still, I like doing things that I am not so good at, just because they're fun to do.

I am in introvert, with extrovert tendencies. This means I need my alone time.  I am very comfortable being alone.  I do love being around people, and don't mind being in the spotlight at all. In fact, I enjoy it, which is part of what makes me a good blogger.  I just really need my own space, as well.  Social situations can feel awkward to me, and talking about the weather just doesn't feel natural, but I have trained myself in the ways of social interaction and have been improving.  I thoroughly enjoy watching extroverts in a crowd, or being social.  I love seeing people do what they do well, and what they enjoy.  It has taken me longer to actually appreciate my own tendencies to want to curl up alone with a book, or sit quietly with a loved one, or spend car rides staring out the window and daydreaming.

I am an amateur gardener, with the emphasis on amateur.  My absolutely very favorite thing to grow is herbs.  I love, love, love my little herb garden.  Last summer, I grew a lovely large bunch of parsley, a thyme plant that made it through the winter along with the tarragon, the dill and (oddly) basil had reseeded itself from the year before, rosemary and sage plants that I had gotten from a church camp I attended in July, and lots and lots of lavender.  It was really all quite glorious.

Well, that's enough of me for now.

Peace out, friends.

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