Monday, June 6, 2011

Celebrating Grace's High School Graduation

So, Grace graduated from High School yesterday! What an amazing day!

Picture by Bonnie Gilmour

Aside from the fact that in all the turmoil of the past few weeks, we had misplaced our camera, everything went really well. My sister, Dana, came to the ceremony and let me use her camera, and a dear friend and mom of one of Grace's dear friends, Bonnie Gilmour, took some pics for me. Which was just as well, because my photo taking abilities were hampered by the weeping. I broke down a couple of times while we were in the gym waiting for the ceremony to begin, and then once the processional music started, all was lost. I was feeling so many emotions, I didn't even bother to try to identify them. Sometimes all we can do with our feelings is feel them.

I am so proud of my daughter. Along with her diploma, Grace won two awards for academic achievement, in Contemporary World and History & Citizenship. She also sang in the choir that performed before the ceremony started. Several people told me that they could tell who's daughter she was just by looking at her, because she looks so much like me. It always blesses me to hear this, as I think that she is beautiful. And to prove that her inner beauty is as remarkable as her outer beauty, she also likes hearing that she looks like me. Dear, sweet child.

Even though I woke up this morning tired and feeling down after such an eventful week-end, my heart is still so full. I am sitting here, overwhelmed and without words to describe what is going on inside of me.

It took Grace's dad and I a long time to conceive Grace, years ago. We thought infertility was going to be a tragic part of our lives. I grieved deeply and continuously at the thought of never being able to mother a child. When we discovered that Grace was coming, it was a complete and joyous surprise. I jumped up and down screaming and Mark, her dad, sat at the table and smiled the biggest smile I have ever seen him smile. And that's saying something, because the man smiles...a lot.

After years of hoping and dreaming, I had great expectations for what mothering would be like. People tried, as people will, to bring me back down to reality, but in my heart I knew that this would be beyond amazing. I promised God that I would raise my child to know that He loved her beyond her wildest dreams, and that she would have every chance to reach out to Him, to know Him, and to choose to follow Him.

Sixteen years later, this one thing I know. Of all the hopes and dreams I have imagined for my life, raising Grace has been the one thing that has met with every hopeful, wonderful, joyful expectation I had. In fact, it is better than I could ever dream it would be, and I dream big. She has brought her dad and I a world of love that overwhelms us at times. She has grown into a young woman of faith and insight, compassion and strength, with a sense of humor that makes her one of the most fun people I know to spend time with. She made me laugh so hard once in the bulk aisle of the IGA, I almost peed my pants. Good times.

She is quick to forgive, and humble enough to admit when she is wrong. She strives for godliness in character, and her faith in Christ is best revealed in her love and care for others. Plus, she let's me write about her, which I am eternally grateful for.

Raising Grace has been the a wonderful thing, and I look forward to all the years that God gives us in this wonderful mom/daughter relationship.

Darn. Where'd I put the tissues...?

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Sandy said...

Wow, now I need the Kleenex! love to you...xxox Congratulations, Grace!!

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