Monday, March 8, 2010

Midnight Musings

It's after midnight, and I am up because Marc is snoring and I can't sleep. I did the bathroom thing and got a drink of milk and now am here. Mini is curled up on the couch beside me, cleaning her toes and wondering what's up.

I'm not even sure why I came on here, because having named this post Midnight Musings, I am realizing that I was shooting too high with that title. I have no musings. In fact, my brain is oddly empty. The only thing that I am thinking about is Mini, and the sound that she is making as she rhythmically licks her foot. I am also thinking that she is also licking the couch beside her foot, and wondering why she does that. She leaves wet marks on the couch. The first time I found one of her wet marks on the couch, it was a "ew" pet owner moment, when I knew what I thought it was and was skeptical because her bathroom habits are usually impeccable, so I brushed the wet spot with my hand and smelled it. And it didn't smell bad. So I concluded that the mark was water from her beard from lying on the couch after a drink. Then one day I noticed her licking the couch beside her foot during a cleaning session. I don't know why she does it. No, I haven't googled weird couch licking behavior in dogs but I've asked her and she's just not sharing. So, it's a mystery.

I know. How deep and musing-like is that. I think all my deep, profound thoughts stayed in bed. I do have them, you know. I also have frightened, weak thoughts, and angry, resentful thoughts, and wounded, broken thoughts. Not to mention wildly joyful thoughts, and deeply spiritual thoughts, and peaceful quiet thoughts. And let us not get started on the confused thoughts, the unforgiving thoughts, and the thoughts that only God knows about.

Right now, though, I am tired and going to head upstairs to try again.

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