Friday, September 28, 2012

A New Job!!!!

Okay, now I am really starting to feel guilty.  I have been wanting to explore the whole immortality concept in more depth, but life is conspiring to distract me.  I will get to it, because God never trails off a lesson before it's finished, but I just had to share some neat things that are happening for me, and explain why I most likely won't be writing here much this week-end..or maybe even next week.

First, the good news.  Yesterday, I had a job interview with an organization in Valleyfield, (Quebec) called Respit Zephyr, and after two hours of what had to be the most fun job interview in the history of job interviews, I was hired.  It was crazy.  I was interviewed by the director of the organization and another woman, and we laughed so much, my friend Sandy, who was waiting in the hallway for me, said that we sounded like we were having a party.  These are amazing ladies, so humble and kind and relaxed...and funny!  They made me feel very much at home.  In fact, they seemed as thrilled to have me working for them as I was to be working for them.  Which amazed me.

Okay, the job.  Respit Zephyr provides respite care for parents and caregivers of children and adults with various disabilities or challenges.  So my job would be to go into homes and offer support, help and encouragment as well as to spend time with the clients so that caregivers can have some time on their own.  I am only working with one family now, because of my Cegep schedule, but will be able to take on more in January, hopefully a full-time load.

I sent Respit Zephyr my resume last Spring, and was discouraged to not hear from them, but I think the timing of their job offer email was perfect.  It would have been difficult to take on several families and then have to pull out of working with them to go back to school.  I love God's timing, even as I am learning more and more to trust it!

I am just so grateful and happy to have a job that suits me so well.  This is basically what I have tried to spend my life doing, and to be paid for it just seems like an added bonus. 

On another note, next week I have a paper due, and 3 tests.  One of them is an macroeconomics test that just may slay me.  So this week-end, aside from hopefully meeting with my first family for Respit Zephyr, I will be studying and writing about economics, geography and world history.  And yoga. 

I also was given "Practicing the Presence of God" by Brother Lawrence yesterday (yaaaaaay!) so I'll be buried in that as well. 

I have so much more to say, but the textbooks are calling...

Peace out.

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