Thursday, September 20, 2012

An Apology, and Very Mild Superpowers...

I feel the need to apologize to those dear, faithful and exceedingly kind souls who read my blog on a regular basis, because I haven't written for a while.  I felt a bit like I was on a roll, then posted about being immortal and disappeared.  I am sure there is some irony in that. 

But anyway, as to what has been going on, this has been my first full week of school, and I have been IC flaring majorly since sometime last week.  So, I have been trying to adjust to three hour lectures, homework, the growing piles of books, papers, pens, and other assorted academic accessories that are now littering my kitchen/living room, and the pain from the IC flare.  Plus we were helping a friend move, which has actually been a blessing, because I have a tendency to get quite self-focused when I am in pain, and turning my attention and efforts outwards always helps with that. Plus, Grace did all the real work, I just drove. So, yeah. Yay, Gracie!!! 

I remember ending my last post by wondering how my life might be different if I truly viewed it from the view of eternity.  I was given a chance to think about that even more, to spend time in prayer and meditation, and to apply what God has been teaching me to the real world where real me lives a real life...sometimes in real pain.  So, what does an IC flare look like from eternity's perspective?  It's a good question. 

I'm putting it off until later, though, because I am not sure I am finished thinking about it, and besides, I just did an hour of Macroeconomics homework, answering practice questions on, a web site that we use for studying.  My brain is tired.  And my fingers are itchy from too much practice test taking.  Because let's be honest here...I need all the help I can get!

So, for your amusement and because I find this utter hilarious, I am posting a video of a comedy act by David O'Doherty.  What are YOUR very mild superpowers? 

Peace out.


Anonymous said...

Love what you are doing with the blog man!

Kelly said...

Thanks! :)

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