Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Something a little lighter...

Things have been a bit heavy, lately, and I think that has been reflected in my blog. So, I thought today, I might trip on over to the silly side of life.  Or at least try.

So, here are some things that I have been discovering, as of late:

In a competition between cat gas and an automatic air freshener, cat gas wins.  Every time.

*from my first yoga class at school* Getting the giggles during one's first ever downward dog can be hazardous to one's health.  I know this because at one point, while we were downward-dogging, the teacher said, "You guys know where your biceps and triceps are, right?  At this, I looked balefully at my right upper arm, trembling just inches from my face and muttered, "Well, I know where they used to be..."  Which may (or may not) have caused Grace, who was downward-dogging beside me, to snort and almost collapse onto the ground face first.  Bad mommy, bad, bad mommy.

During a downward dog, pretty much anything can give me the giggles.

My body does not know how to breath right.  I know this, because when my yoga teacher was instructing me on proper breathing techniques, I got muscle spasms in places where I didn't know I had muscles.  Which caused my body to protest loudly, "What the heck are you doing??!!  Me: I'm breathing correctly! My body: Well, fercryin'outloud, stop it!  You're killing me!!

There is a freakishly gigantic spider lurking outside my bedroom window.  I mean, crazy big.  Like, rain forest big.  Which is acceptable, as long as he is lurking OUTSIDE my bedroom window.  If a time comes when I notice that he is NOT there anymore...Body: What are you doing now? Me; Hyperventilating in fear! Body: *happy sigh* Ahhhh...THIS, I'm used to...

I love birthday cake.

Mycroft's wandering range in our neighbourhood is directly related to how much time Kitten spends sitting on his head, chewing on his neck and flicking him in the face with his tail. 

There is a toad that shows up on our steps some evenings, and I have noticed that when I rub his little head, where I imagine his ears might be, he leans into my hand as if he likes it. Which is proof that no matter how many critters I have in my life, there is always time to say hello to one more.

That's it for now.

Peace out.


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